Fitting your bath panel

has now become simple...

Fitting your bath panel has now become a whole lot easier with our new innovative patented pending Unipanel Fixer Kit. With its easy to fit adjustable height brackets there is no longer the need to build wooden frames, use unsightly screws or silicone to fix your panel into place. What's more, after installation it is easy to remove the panel for under bath maintenance if necessary.

This British made product can be used on wooden, acrylic and MDF bath side and end panels. It can be fitted onto acrylic or pressed steel baths too - whether they are standard shape baths, shower baths or corner baths.

The Unipanel Fixer Kit has great height adjustment up to 56cm and can be cut easily to fit if the height of your bath panel is shorter than normal.

Watch our install clip above for full installation details.


Screw the threads into the brackets

Once all the threads have been screwed in, snap the squares onto the end, then stick the velcro stickers to the squares.

Place circular pad under bath lip and tighten.

Screw in the threads so the square is tight.

Threads can be cut shorter for narrow bath edges.

If the threads are touching the bath before the square is tight, unscrew them and cut shorter. (easy to cut, as made from plastic.)

Screw in shorter threads

Once you have cut the thread ends shorter, screw them in tight.

Apply opposite velcro pads to the bath panel.

Line up the panel to the threads and apply the opposite velcro squares. Stick to the existing velcro squares and clip the panel into the bath lip.

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Why a Uniblade® Seal?

The Uniblade® is easy to fix on to almost any glass shower screen. The unique 2 part seal clicks together to fit your glass whatever the thickness.

No tricky measuring of glass thickness required! Find a stockist

How to use...

Easy & quick to fit with our patented fully adjustable clip on system.


  • The UNIBLADE® SEAL is a registered trademark and has UK Patent.

    UK Patent No GB2500004.